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There is a small file of undated items and miscellaneous fragments in the Polhill Collection. One of the items is a short list of “subscriptions to the Shuting Church and Mission Hall.” Shuting is the former name for the city of Dazhou in central Sichuan, where Rev. Arthur Twistleton Polhill built a 500 seat

This is the second in a series of short articles on Arthur T. Polhill, whose correspondence and memoirs form a significant portion of the Polhill Collection.* For a short introduction to his life leading up to his decision to sail to China with the Cambridge Seven missionary band, in 1885,

There is a curious entry in Cecil Polhill’s financial records for “Cecil Rooms, Greenwich.” The balance of the entry in his capital account is large, £5062, suggesting ownership. Initial searches for the building online produced very little helpful information, so what could it have been? 

One of the largest sub-sections of the collection consists of approximately one hundred letters from Arthur Polhill to his brother Cecil Polhill. This short essay is the first of a series of three essays designed to give a brief overview of his remarkable life. This is helpful for a number of reasons: firstly, it will help give some context to the correspondence between Arthur and Cecil;