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This video was created largely from photographs in the Polhill Collection. These have been modified using the MyHeritage website Deep Nostalgia technology.

One of the most interesting items in the collection is a photograph of what appears to be an old man, but there's just something that's not quite right about it. The face doesn't seem to fit the bald crown and extravagantly white, bushy sideburns. On the back of the photo is says "Cecil 1876" and then further down "Potter." Could it be that this is actually a photograph of Cecil Polhill aged sixteen? Surprisingly enough, this is the most likely explanation.

I am delighted to announce that volume 1 of Cecil Polhill: Missionary, Gentleman and Revivalist (1860-1914) published by Brill, will be available to buy from Amazon (and all good outlets) from 24 September. Here's a couple of excerpts from the reviews: